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    Hi all,
    I’m just at the stage where I need to fit the Zig CF8 and start wiring up and I’ve run into my first problem.

    I have no problem with the consumer unit side of things which is already sorted, my problem arises when I look at the wiring diagram of the 12 volt set-up supplied with the Zig.

    The manual states that the negative terminals are common to the case of the Zig and the van (as it will be earthed to the van). Having read this, I thought that I could just run a single cable to each lighting unit and use earth return instead of taking a conductor pair to each unit. The wiring diag shows fully wired returns – is that the way it must be done?

    Also, bearing in mind how computerised my Relay van is, might I cause problems by using earth return?


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  1. Zig CF8
    I’ll try that and see what happens. It looks as if I’ve committed a boo-boo in buying the CF8 anyway. I decided to buy that model after having a quick look at my mates CF8 user manual. I didn’t read it that carefully, but did note the fridge connected to connector one in the wiring diagram. I’ve now discovered, by reading my new manual properly, that a fridge should never be fitted to a CF8 – wonderful!

    Any idea if this is just a battery discharge problem? I don’t think we have over-nighted anywhere other than a camp-site more than three times in twelve years of regular trips – so we are always on mains hookup. I’ve emailed Zig for their opinion, so watch this space.

  2. I can’t see how a common
    I can’t see how a common negative would cause a problem.
    If you run individual negative wires back to the zig, the zig will return it back to the battery, just like the van shell would.
    Maybe try one of the components using the van as the earth to see what happens?