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    I’ve had this idea for a while and I know I’m not the first.

    I’m interested to know if it’s possible to actually take a campervan more or less around the world or would it just be cost / legally prohibited?

    For example, across the US, then put it in a container to Austrailia, then NZ, then somehow get it to some of the islands there in the pacific, then eventually to Singapore, then maybe drive (or ship?) it up through China, then Japan, then drive it across Asia (or maybe ship it and take the train and pick it back up again in Europe somewhere).

    First, for serviceability, what campervan would one take? What campervan has parts available in most parts of the world?

    Second, would this sort of trip even be possible? My guess is that it would be financially prohibitive if it were even possible at all.

    Michael Grant

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  1. check out this
    check out this website.

    You will find a whole load of advice on full time motorhoming register and interact with motorhome owners around the world a lot of which are allready living the dream

    Good luck!!

  2. Hi Michael
    This is something

    Hi Michael

    This is something I had been considering for some time.

    Basically it is possible to drive across most of the world.
    However, there are several places where travel in a vehicle are not possible. In particular, the old popular route from Europe to Asia mean’t crossing the Stans (Afghanistan and Pakistan), which is no longer safe.
    Other people have talked about crossing Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. I think this needs considerable research.

    The other problem is Burma. It is simply not possible to take a vehicle into or out of Burma. Most people ship their vehicle from India to Thailand or Singapore.

    In terms of vehicle you will almost certainly want as 4 x 4. Most people use a Landrover or Toyota Land Cruiser. These are not essentially campervans, but can be converted to such. There are also 4 x 4 vehicles such as Mercedes Sprinter vans which can make great campervans.
    Personally I would take an old vehicle, maybe pre 2000. These vehicles have little or no electronics in the engine. Engines without electronics can be fixed by any mechanic in the world, and this is important in Africa and Asia. They people in the developing countries are masters at fixing vehicles, as replacement parts are difficult to find.

    If you are visting tropical countries you will need to consider the heat problems of being stuck inside a campervan.
    I think the standard practice in a hot country, or a region where there are dangerous animals, is to have a tent mounted to the vehicle roof. Then sleep in this fold-out tent.

    You’ll have few problems with the vehicle in developed countries, but border crossings in developing countries can take time and you will need to pay-off a few border officers.

    Shipping vehicles between continents is often done by putting the vehicle in a shipping container.

    There are lots of vehicles where people have done similar trips, without using a camper van.