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    Brought up in the country, I object to vehicles (especially en masse “travellers” of course) using any convenient rural space to park.
    On the other hand I object to hookups as destroying the ambience of “hideaway campsites” (The Camping and Caravanning Big Book) and trebling the prices.
    I have just been fined for parking in King’s Lynn where I have parked twice a year for many years, being informed by post but not on site that I could see, that this is now (charged for) residents’ only space. I have challenged this as unenforceable in the circumstances, though I believe that motorists SHOULD pay for parking in urban areas albeit with proper notice on site.
    This is a dilemma: how can we defend rural strictly no-hookup sites from – wait for it – fellow campers who insist on hookups?
    So far as I am concerned, if you need a hookup you should stay at home.

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