which one do i buy ????????????

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    Hello all
    I am a novice well so new that i havent as yet bought a camper van
    we wish to spend a couple of months every winter in Spain France etc
    First we must decide a budget, type of camper etc
    we need help. My idea is to buy a cheap camper to try for one winter to see if we like it then up grade . Will it then be a Merc sprinter conversion or a new or second hand camper
    Our requirements are for 2 adults one collie dog nothing tiny yet nothing huge or out of our budget
    so if you have the time to advise us please feel free
    Thanks to you all
    Kieron in chesterfield derby

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  1. Hi Kieron
    Do you think you

    Hi Kieron

    Do you think you will spend more time exploring in the vehicle, or more time parked in campsites? If the later, a bigger van is probably better. If the former then a smaller vehicle is easier and cheaper to move around.

    For 2 adults and a dog a smaller van is often enough.

    VW camper conversions are smaller than Sprinter, Transit type vans. But VWs are reliable and normally good conversions.
    The bigger vans, such as Sprinters, Transits offer more space, and there are lots of professional and DIY conversions to choose from.