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    Evening all. New to the site but want to buy a camper. Would be as an alternative to a car which I don’t mind. My problem is this, I do not know what van to buy. Due to my age it would need to be on a category B license, not fussed about getting category C. My question is what vans can be bought, converted and used that doesn’t exceed the DVLA maximum weight on 3500KG?




    You can drive most common panel vans such as Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, etc.

    These vans typically come in 4 weights
    2.8 tons – Normally slightly smaller and lighter.
    3.5 tons – Medium and large wheelbase versions.
    4.6 tons – Normally has 2 wheels side-by-side on the back, often mini-buses.
    5 tons – rare heavy duty versions.

    The weight is the maximum the vehicle is allowed to be when on the road, not what it actually weighs when empty.

    Your license allows you to drive the 2.8 and 3.5 ton vans.
    Almost all panel vans are 3.5 t, but you can easily check them.
    Most of these vans weight 2.1 tons when empty, which allows you 1.4 tons to add the conversion, people, fuel, etc.
    Then on the road the vehicle must not weight more than 3.5 tons.

    So you can consider almost all of the panels vans our there, just check the listing.

    Hope this helps.


    You can consider some cars like Mercedes Sprinter, Vauxhall Movano, or Volkswagen Crafter… to me I quite like the 2020 Mercedes Sprinter because it uses advanced car technology like smart voice control.


    I got a C-category specifically for this, since I needed the van for long-term travel. You may have to do the same. As for the model – first of all, you need to choose for specific purposes.

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