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    Hi all

    first of all thanks for accepting me to the forums 😀

    well as my name and this post suggests I am looking to get a campervan for me and my family. However my problem comes with I have zero available funds. So I am starting my campaign of We want a Campervan.

    So I have aimed at £12000 is what i am looking to raise though either generosity of others and measures taken by myself.

    I will be collecting all my change at the end of the day and depositing into a seperate account
    anything raised from any overtime etc i do
    any winnings from any free bets i my be lucky enough to recieve

    Now i know its gonna take some time but this is a dream of mine and my wifes.

    If anyone has any ideas at all please suggest them and thank again for welcoming me to the forums



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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