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    Hi there, my water pump keeps going even when no water is being pumped out. Can anyone suggest what the problem may be? It is a VW T4 Transporter with a SMEV sink.

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  1. Is there a fuse for the water
    Is there a fuse for the water pump? Zig unit fuses probably screw in.

  2. Water Pump not working
    Hi everyone just bought a vw lt28 campervan, which appeared to be professionally converted and came with panal on wall for water pump,think its a zig unit with a Instor water heater. 12V supply seems to be working ok but doesn’t appear to work when I switch it on. Any feedback welcome and lookingfor some pointers of what could be wrong or what I’mnot doing right.


  3. Taps?
    This is usually caused by the tap micro switch continuing to make it’s circuit. Or as said above, the pressure system jamming.

    Disconnect the tap connection.

  4. Water Pump will not stop
    what type of system do you have ..is it a simple submersible pump or a pressurised system… ? the pressurised system will continue to try to keep pressure in the system even if there is no water in the tank and will eventually damage its self if you leave it running whilst empty…