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    Bought an ex-NHS mk1 Vito in august to slowly convert to a camper for the family.
    only has 28,000 on the clock and has been nicely maintained.

    We’re enjoying stripping and cleaning it out. next step is the bed, but that seems to be a massive minefield of decisions.

    Any ideas on seat/beds that are good to have child seats on for journeys, please let us know!

    Anyway – some pictures below. We’ll be around on here a bit, no doubt.




    The very best seat/beds are those that are M1 pull tested.
    These cost around £500.

    These guys sell a tested seat/bed, with 3 seat belts from £600.
    It’s worth contacting them and seeing if it will fit your van OK.

    There are cheaper units on ebay, from £200, some with seat belts.
    These are unlikely to be pull tested though.

    These style rock and roll beds are the best for vehicles such as the Vito

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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