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    Hi all!
    I own a 1989 VW transporter. It’s petrol but also runs on autogas (LPG). About a month ago we had some problems where it jerked and coughed then died (and wouldn’t start again) when running on petrol, but worked fine on gas. We were recommended by a mechanic friend that it may be the ignition coil playing up. We’ve driven around on gas since but now finally got a brand new coil delivered. I changed the coil yesterday, went for a drive…and now it’s worse. Coughed and jerked worse than ever, died on petrol and then the same on gas, then wouldn’t start. Won’t even turn over, but the battery’s fully charged. Before when we had the problem with petrol it turned for a couple of attempts and then stopped trying then too. Wondering if it’s the ignition module, or the earthing cables? Any thoughts would be welcomed!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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