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    Hi – as we’re just about to move from semi retired to properly retired we’re looking to “invest” in a newer van, spending the kids’ inheritance on the way. We’re looking at loads of options before we jump in as it has to be with us for years to come, but there’s one van that’s intriguing me and that is the VW California Beach. We’ve got a high miler T5 at the moment and love the size and usability of this size van.

    It’s basically a big people carrier with a poptop, rnr bed, table, chairs, swivel front seats but no side units so no cooker, fridge etc. I believe the seats are removable too. I’ve seen kitchen pods available with hob + fridge and these are also not permanent. I think it has leisure battery but no hook up, so that would have to be added.

    The big advantage is that I would get a people carrier for relatives/visitors which we frequently have with us, it can convert into a sort of van – again very handy for us, plus you can sleep/eat and possibly holiday in it. BUT, as it’s a compromise vehicle I wonder how good a camper it is. I would hire one to try it but cannot find one for hire (that might be telling me something).

    As I say its just one of many options but it could actually be a great versatile vehicle that covers loads of my needs, or it could be a van that nearly meets our needs but just misses….

    Is there anyone on here with one, or experience of camping in one who can tell me how well or badly this works as camper please?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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