VW T3 or T4???

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    I’m looking for some advice from anybody in the know. I’d like to go for a cruise across Europe this summer and am looking for a bus. I’ve narrowed my search down to either the VW T3 or T4. I’ve heard the T3 synchro is a bit of a stalwart and easier to work on mechanically. Are there any other reasons why the T3 is better? What is the T4 like? What advantages do each have?

    Any advice warmly received, thank you, M

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  1. Hi Mike
    I haven’t owner

    Hi Mike

    I haven’t owner either, but I would go for a T4. I prefer newer technology, it will be better on fuel, better ride, better built etc.

    But, the T3 is probably easier to have fixed as it’s older technology.

    Depends on what matters to you most?