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    hi, we’re thinking of getting a camper but we’re completely newbies. we have a budget of £30k max. we’re looking for something we can keep for years and years so needs to be relatively low mileage.

    I’ve seen a VW T6 that I like, but the missus has thrown a spanner in the works (albeit a valid spanner). it has a rock ‘n roll seat/bed and she’s asked if a child seat is safe to use on it. i’ve googled it but seem to get conflicting advice. some say its down to how well rock’n’roll has been installed and that if the van has been professionally converted it will be ok . other places say no rock’n’rolls are safe and that i’ll need a van with RIB seats as they are properly crash tested.

    does anyone know how safe they are? I suppose not only with child seats, but just in general? also how can I tell if its been professionally converted and the rock and rolled properly installed? (apart from just the general standard of workmanship)

    this is the van I’ve seen

    thanks for any advice



    Everything you’ve ready is correct.
    You can buy a rock n roll on eBay for £150 and bolt it down badly, which you wouldn’t want for any passenger.
    The RIB is the only crash tested one as fas as I know.
    The seat in the one you’ve shown looks high quality. You could inspect how it’s fitted to see if you are happy, but ultimately you might want a professional to check it for you.


    Thanks Darren!





Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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