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    Hi guys,

    Im thinking about hiring a campervan for a couple of months in the Australian Summer. Some of the places we will be venturing to will not have any cellphone or comms coverage available (Going truly outback). What would you guys think about hiring a GPS transponder or similar device? just incase we get into trouble.
    Is it normal to have such a device available if you are going into iscolated areas?


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  1. I’ve seem these devices and
    I’ve seem these devices and them seem like a good idea.
    If you are going on established, but little used roads, I believe the correct procedure is to carry plenty of water, and inform the roadhouses of when you are venturing down the tracks, and when you expect to come back.
    If you are not back several days after you intend to be, then a search will be started.
    In case of a breakdown, the golden rule is to always stay with your vehicle.