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    To all Camper Convertors thinking of using Kent and Surrey Campers Ltd of Rochester (‎) for their conversions. Please read this first!

    Note: The following is an account of my experience with Kent and Surrey Campers Ltd. I am neither advising anyone to avoid using their services nor am I going to embellish on my experience. I am purely stating the facts as they occurred . You are then welcome to use this information to decide if you are willing to part with your hard earned money and trust them with the build.

    in September last year I contacted a few camper conversion specialists for quotation to perform a partial conversion on my VW T5. I decided on Kent and Surrey Campers Ltd of Rochester as they sounded professional, the price was competitive and they sated they could also deliver in the timeframe requested.

    The requirement was to perform a partial conversion of my SWB 2009 VW T5 from a T5 commercial Van to a Campervan. The works to be carried out was to supply and install the following, at a cost of £5510.44

    • 5 windows (1 Sliding)
    • Ply lining, Sound deadening, insulation, carpet lining
    • Austops Popup Roof and Bed
    • One piece Ply floor and Altro covering
    • Reimo Multirail including fitting
    • 6x LED lights with courtesy light relay
    • Sliding doorstep cover with light

    A securing deposit of £2550.00 was requested and paid on the 16th Sept 2018 to allow the purchase of the Austops Roof.

    I am sorry to say that it did not go as planned. The communication was an issue from the onset and I should have taken this as a sign, but as I had already paid the deposit of £2550 I felt I was pretty much tied in.

    I dropped the vehicle off a week earlier than requested as I was leaving on a trip for 2 weeks. This would give them extra time to complete any preparation required. The vehicle was scheduled to be completed and available for collection on the 21st October. I was informed on the 19th October that the roof (Ordered on the 16th Sept) had not yet arrived and they would require the van for another week. There were a few more delays and I was eventually assured that it would ready for collection on the 31st.

    I called on the day and was informed that the employee performing the majority of my conversion was not reliable had not been to work for 2 days and some the works had to be completed and redone by the owner. Apparently one of the windows had to be removed and reinstalled. I was told I could still collect that day but later than agreed. I was then informed that the adhesive would not set in time and again that the vehicle would not be ready until the following day. The owner then agreed to deliver the vehicle.

    The above was more of an irritation but what happened later was the real issue!!

    On delivery and inspection I noticed what looked like silicone sealer behind the right rear window on the body of the vehicle. Apart from looking unsightly I was concerned that the installation was not correct and that water ingress might occur. I advised the owner of this and he offered me a discount. I refused and said I wanted it fixed and that I would not be paying in full until this was rectified. We agreed that I would hold £200 back and arranged a suitable time for my wife to take the vehicle back for repairs. Over the next few days we noticed a few other minor issues that should have been notices by the company before handing the vehicle to me. These were also rectified when the window was again removed and reinstalled.

    The overall build looked good on the face of it, but this was later found out to be incorrect.

    Around the end of November and after installation of the cupboards, electrics and diesel heating we noticed a movement in floor and a join appearing under the Altro Flooring. This was strange as we had been quoted and also paid for a “One Piece” floor. I informed them of this and was told they were sorry I was having problems and they would have another one cut. NOTE: There was no admission that they had installed a 2 piece. They offered to remove all the furniture installed, replace the floor and reinstall everything. It was at this point I decided that I no longer trusted them to perform any further works on the van and have since sought advice on recovering some of the costs to rectify to the issues.

    Kent and Surrey Campers have since ceased what little communication we did have, and are no longer responding to my emails.

    1. During the entire process, it was me that initiated most of the communication and was only ever contacted by email.
    2. I also supplied Kent & Surrey with a USB memory stick and they agreed to take photos of the build process for my records. I received a few photos covering only the some prep work, window cut outs and the completed job. At the time I did not think much about it, but it makes sense now.

    I would advise anyone thinking of a camper conversion to take heed not of my experience with Kent and Surrey Campers.


    Meant to say : A securing deposit of £2550.00 was requested and paid on the 16th Sept 2017 to allow the purchase of the Austops Roof.

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