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  1. Talbot ‘meet’ now for all campers
    My Talbot ‘Meet’ is now open to all on this site! I felt a bit mean only offering this great break to only Talboteers so…..It is open to all on this site! GO TO MY LAST POST AND BOOK A GREAT LONG WEEKEND TO REMEMBER! Paol.
    PS…Only 32 spaces left…Call now..;02380 482547.

  2. Well done Paol, good luck
    Well done Paol, good luck with your event.

    1. Talbot “Meet”
      Thank You Darren. Here is a bit more info about the “Meet”;
      Possible that John ‘Running Bear’ and his wife Margaret will bring birds of prey for you all to see! I shall bring various ‘instruments’, drums, native American flute, keyboard etc….you bring what you play! A Small PA to plug your ‘box’ into will be supplied also.
      The Saturday is ‘fun’ day with ‘silly sports’…welly boot hurling…’Tic Tack’ spitting…Tug of war etc. on Saturday evening…an American supper [we all bring food & drink to the table] and party. Bring favourite music..CD or Tape.
      There are amazing places to visit locally. You can even pop over to the Isle of Wight! Local shops, pubs and places to eat etc. Fishing on site…the list goes on! I can see someone Writing ‘Talbot’ on the front of their ‘Winnie’ [if it says “Talbot’…..OK!
      PS; Citroen C5 is also “Talbot’.