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    Hi all,
    I’m hoping to do a trip through Spain, Portugal and a bit of France between late August and early December. Have never done this before and have read that a lot of campsites close at the end of summer…… can anyone give advice on this please? We are planning on doing a mix of free camping and staying at campsites – will there be many campsites open in Autumn or will this be a problem? Or, will the ones that are open be really busy and should we book in advance?

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  1. we have just come back!
    Hi, we have just returned from Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Belgium with the kids. We left in October last year and had no problems finding campsites open until we got to Italy. Have a look at our webpage for details of the campsites if you need some ideas. Hope it helps. Hx

  2. There are plenty of campsites
    There are plenty of campsites open, especially in Autumn. During winter, Jan, Feb, March a few campsites shut for winter breaks, but you can always find one that is open all-year-round. No need to book in advance, as there are plenty of spaces outside of summer.

    You’ll have no problems and you’ll actually have a choice of campsites in busy areas.

    In Portugal the municipal campsites are incredible value, and open all year. Just a few Euros per person per night. Not the most up-to-date sites, but great value and often in great place.