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    Hi need some urgent advice before we go and blow loads of cash on the wrong thing!!

    We have a Vauxhall Movano LWB which we are converting into a camper….we would like to put in one or two roof lights, however the roof on the Movano has ridges in it. Can we get a roof light to fit this? We have been told that we need a flat roof, but obviously we don’t have a flat roof so are a bit stuck….Is it just a case of making it work??

    Any suggestions??


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  1. Hi I can give 2 options as I
    Hi I can give 2 options as I know what the roof panel is like on these vans,
    opt 1 – plenty of sealant to seal it
    opt 2 – make a small frame to compensate for ridges in roof with plenty of sealant