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    Hi, we’ve just bought a VW T4 with a full width rock and roll bed installed. This leaves little room for more built in furniture. I would like to make a removable kitchen which can sit behind the front seating, and can easily be removed and used outside when we are camping. Ideally I would like to use an existing piece of furniture, and am looking for suggestions, tips and pics how to do this?? (a step by step plan would be great ;))
    Any help is welcome, I am totally new to this!
    Thank you!!

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  1. van_enthuser May 4, 2011 at 9:41 pm

    Same thing here
    I’m looking to do the same thing, basically make a corner unit for the sink and stove which I can remove whenever I want. I’ve had a think about it though and probably not going to remove it all too often so probably just use a bolt to connect to a brace which is screwed into the ply.

    It sounds like you are going to take yours out every time you want to put the bed down though, so maybe it’s better to just buy a foldable stove stand which you can put up/take down easily and just leave outside whilst you’re sleeping.

  2. I’d look for something from
    I’d look for something from Ikea or similar. Get one that is the right height for your van, i.e. depends on whether your have a pop-top or a low roof.

    In this picture you can see a self-contained kitchen unit

    and this one

    this ones really basic

    How about a unit like this one from Ikea

    Buy a worktop for it.
    Add a simple sink.
    Put 2 water containers in 1 cupboard, 1 for fresh water, 1 for waste.
    Add a tap, a hand pump tap is fine.
    Connect the water tanks to the sink waste and the tap.
    Get a countertop gas stove, a camping one, as secure it to the top. Add the gas bottle inside the other cupboard.

    That is then a self contained kitchen unit that can be lifted out.

    Ikea units, like others, are made from chipboard and are heavy.
    I’d make something from scratch using plywood, but buying one is easier and cheaper.