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    Hi Guy’s,

    I thought I’d post a link to my camper van conversion which has a few different ideas to give the van a greater scope of uses. The site can be found here


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  1. cool idea
    dont matter what peeps say mate, its a nice van who dont need much diesel and you have no probs with restriction on widness and style.
    i have one to carry the dogs and with some mobilefurniture to it i use hime as camper.
    sometimes meke even money with it for transporting tuff.
    ideal van.
    cartax price, cheap insurance, runs 95 and is easy to service.
    cant help you with the hub but had to give my comment as the others put it down.
    if the want to spend there pennys on manufactorys to keep the people in work is there problems. i would not. i look after my pocket first.

  2. Looks like a Police Safety
    Looks like a Police Safety Camera Van with that 20×20 foot Window. Don’t sit above the M5 on a bridge mate, you’ll cause accidents. Where’s the LTi 20/20 to go with it? Is that kept inside next to your Reflective Jacket?

  3. A missing hub cap is the
    A missing hub cap is the least of your worries my man. That is a fucking shed!

  4. Boxer hub cap
    I’ve just bought a Peugeot Boxer camper which has one missing hub cap. I’ve look all over the ‘net, but have had no joy. Any idea where I can find one? I’d be happy with one that just fits, doesn’t have to be specifically a Boxer.