New to the forum and “kinda” new to the CamperVan life.

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    Hi ya’ll. My name is Omi (aka LeftOvers4Dinner) and I’m the shorter half of the Turquoise and Beef Jerky Roadshow ( ). Me and my Husband CheapGeek1 (from Youtube) decided to start our journey towards life on the road in 2015. We got ourselves a 2004 Dodge 3500 RAM Van with high-top, and while moving around for Greg’s work, we’ve started the progress of converting it to a fully-accommodating CamperVan.
    I quit my full-time job to devote time to our long-term travel goals, and to our podcast. I do weekly podcasts, daily articles and offer Social Media consultation services to individuals/small businesses. Greg is a technical trainer for a big company (currently) but he’s also a pretty awesome Youtuber. We figured the combination of all these things would help us on our journey towards doing and living how we want to.
    I’m not much for houses (except tiny ones or really, really old ones) and the freedom of living in a campervan is something I greatly look forward to.
    We don’t live in ours full-time yet, but we’ve been testing it out for days and weeks at a time.
    We also have two dogs: Bender Oak, and Pepper Willow. Having two mischievious dogs makes our life a little challenging, but even Bender loves living on the open road 🙂
    I joined up here to get a better perspective on what to expect while living the campervan life, and to network with others. It’s been rather hard finding like-minded folks. I’d love to share/learn ideas for making the van community grow, and caring for yourself, your pets, and your future while on the road.
    Thanks for reading!

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