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    Sometimes musician, teacher of drums, singer/songwriter, sometimes jolly bodger of the two vans I try to keep on the road. A 1980 2ltr air cooled high top VW transporter and a 1979 Mercedes 207D long wheel base high roof diesel running on Bio-diesel most of the time. I travel to about 8 festivals a year working as drumming facilitator taking my vans, kids, yurts and sometimes the girlfriend. both vans are 30+ years old and im here to pick up tips and help as things are getting hard to upkeep. The big plan is to do up the VW while the Merc is the work horse even though being kept as fully functional camper home. Hope I meet some friends here that can help me out a bit here and there for my help in return. I would love to get some more knowledge too.

    The picture below is of me starting the body work on the front end I have an after pic too.

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