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    Just to introduce myself I have just started to convert a T5 transporter into a family camper van. There is clearly a wealth of information around the web but I was hoping someone could help with a few points that I am struggling to find out.

    Dare I say it things seem to be going ok, I have the floor insulated, vapour sealed and ply’d. I am in the process of insulating the sides with a mixture of loft insulation and silver double bubble foil. I have stuffed the loft stuff into every nook and cranny I can but do not think it will get to absolutely every part of the pillars etc.

    1. Is it practical to use the silver bubble foil to cover things like the pillars and bits that the other insulation can’t reach and then veltrim directly on top of this? I think I have seen people do this on the wheel arch but not sure about things like pillars around windows etc. Anything below the window line will be ply lines with the trim on top of that so should not be an issue.

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