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    We have dogs and regularly go away for weekends to compete with them. Very often this is to a field where their idea of luxury is the fact they have mown the grass a bit.

    We started of with a car and tent, but this isn’t great if it rains (as this is from march to October) and you seem to spend your whole time packing and unpacking the tent and stuff.

    We have now got an ex police van with dog cages, which works perfectly for them. We took the rear two seats out of the middle bit and added a kids fold out sofa and curtains to make a temporary camper. This is much better than the tent but is a little on the crampt side, as the bed is only kids size. Also we still have no WC, shower or cooking facilities that can be located indoors.

    So we decided to look for a proper van, we need something with a shower and WC, kitchen and storage (so we don’t forget the spatula, oil, matches etc) and space for 4 dogs cages.

    We have a limited budget to do this with and as an added complication our drive is narrow and has a hight restriction.

    Thinking about this and all the options gave me a headache, so I decided to come here and see what ideas you guys have.

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