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    I thought I’d post our experience with renting a VW Westphalia T25 from London Campers (Rob Don) so that others could learn from it. Some of our points:

    The passenger’s electric window button would occasionally not work at all for hours on end. By chance, this never happened when we were parking and the window was down.
    The only time we fully filled up the van, it stank of petrol fumes throughout it for the next 36 hours.
    The gas hobs’ base had been totally broken off the rest of the unit, meaning that pulling it out and putting it back was very tricky.
    The van stalled no less than four times when I stopped at roundabouts and traffic lights.
    The small zipper compartments on the wall had virtually no working zips, which meant they were practically useless.
    The interior lights throughout the back didn’t work. My fiancé later discovered a wire hanging out in an overhead compartment. I managed to push it back in, and the lights came on. My surprise at how firmly this was then embedded was explained when having left it in, we discovered at 5am that a motor was whirring away under the chassis. Perhaps this is a known problem to London Campers that was never mentioned? We put the wire back in its original position and kept all of the interior lights off.
    The boot’s piston didn’t work at all, so getting luggage in and out was difficult, since it is so heavy.
    There were a few working blinds, some were broken, and there were no curtains; the light flooded in from an early hour.
    The driver’s electric window buttons were hanging off the door all the time, with the wiring also hanging out.
    The brakes were very soft, and it took a lot of pushing and a long time to come to a halt safely.

    A few of these issues we were told about only on the day of picking it up, after we’d made the full payment. The rest we discovered ourselves.

    In comparison to our last van, the overall state of the vehicle was poor. Old cushions, many scratches and scrapes on the bodywork and more. All in all, Just Go, for a similar amount of money had provided us with a pristine, much larger van, with better facilities. (I have no affiliation with them, its just my sole other experience). I had assumed that the lack of a shower and space in this London Campers van would be made up for by the quality of the rest of the van. Especially since their website describes it as ‘built in the 1980’s as a moving hotel room for German sales reps!’. Some hotel.

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