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    Hey everyone im new to the forum my name is Campervan Cory i live in my Homemade 1992 GMC Vandura Custom Conversion Campervan that i built. I live in this van full time vandwelling with my dog Rocko as we travel the Country in our home on wheels in search of the true meaning of freedom, breaking free from society’s chains and at the same time seeking and thriving off the adventure of life on the road. Living in a VAN is rent free and you have the ability to travel the world and bring your home with you. I have always loved the thought of having a tiny home on wheels that i could travel and live in so i decided to build my own DIY campervan and here is the first tour. There is still alot more to do and is not finished but im getting to be pretty happy with it. Please subscribe to my channel to follow along on my journey thank you so much!



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