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    Hi there, I am having problems in converting my Mitsubish Express 4×4 into a campervan basically because it’s too small! Can you give some ideas? I just want a big bed (confortable living area) and a compact kitchen that can be acessed from both inside and outside. Not sure how to do a kitchen at the back that can be used from inside. Another problem is the autogas tank, it’s quite big so the seats have to be very high (40cm). What do I do? Thanks for any idea anyway! Graziela (Perth)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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  1. Try using a fridge slide,
    Try using a fridge slide, build a box to house cooking items and mount it on the slide. I did this in the back of a hiace, but can’t access it from inside though. Lid folds open to form a table.

  2. Pictures
    Hi. Do you have any pictures of your vehicle? This will definitely help people make suggestions. You can create an account at and post the picture here.