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    Hey Guys and Gals, Im 26 yrs old and just got a 98 chevy venture, Ive got this ambition to convert this into a great surf travel van, its got the space to do something with and looking for any tips, suggestions, or even anyone that may have done a similar conversion to a smaller van. any help would be killer, keep the stoke and safe travels. Aloha.

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  1. Using a minivan as a camper
    This is a new site as of April 2011, but it is still growing. There’s a free 94-page pdf ebook that basically tells you what you can do in creating a minivan camper. The concept was based on a Chrysler T&C but the nice thing is that all the components remain yours forever, and can be installed or removed in any standard minivan without tools, so when you trade vans, you don’t lose any of your investment. There’s only two things to build initally, the couch/bed with a built in recliner, and a small cabinet, for which plans will be available in the full book, but you can use the ideas and modify them to suit you. It takes you through what’s involved, from electrical safety, the components recommended, and clear up to staying safe and saving money on all kinds of traveling, from fuel to campgrounds. With nothing “built into place” you have the freedom of choice in how to use the ideas. Enjoy!

    1. link please
      Hi, Could you please provide a link to this site for the PDF ? many thanks.


  2. You definitely need to
    You definitely need to ventilate when burning gas, due to the carbon monoxide. But, you can always leave the window/door open when cooking.
    Gas fridges need permanent ventilation, normally a vent behind the fridge.

  3. It’s a great idea. As you
    It’s a great idea. As you have limited space check these conversions for ideas

    1. Thanks so much Darren, it
      Thanks so much Darren, it definetly generated some ideas, I suppose my biggest problem is designing the kitchen equipment, do these set ups generally require a ventilation system due to the gas burners?