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    Dj Oli

    Unfortunatly due to lack of time & money I am selling my camper van.

    A previous owner painted it matt black (done by hand so not the best job but looks ok) It has alloy wheels with good, load rated, tyres fitted.
    it is fitted with a (tinted) window in the side door & has ones in the rear barn doors (these require tinting)
    The bodywork is in rather good contition for a van of this age, the only downside been surface rust starting to show at the bottom of the doors (common Mercedes problem)

    Mechanicly wise the engine is running very well, not the most powerfull of engines but will sit on a motorway at 70 with no problem. These run off a timing chain so no worries about cam belts needing changing. The mileage is currently just over 213,000 but these engines are good for 300+.

    The MOT expired the begining of this November. If I have the time I will put it through within the next couple of weeks & see what the out come is. From what I can see it will need the following – new brake disc’s & pad along with an fluid change
    The only things that will need looking at is there seems to be an engine mounting gone as there is a knocking when you accelerate ( I have not looked into this so dont know whcih one). The gear linkage could do with some new cables as it can be tricky to enguage 5th gear but once you know how to do it you will not have a problem.
    Other than the above she drive as she should.

    The tax runs out at the end of Novermber & will be SORN there after. & one of the engine mounts sounds like it has gone.

    Inside she was been converted into a camper & fully insulated, ply lined & carpeted. It is fitted with a Rock & Roll bed with good memory from padding, leasure battery running off a split charge system & a 240v inverter (ideal for powering laptops so you can watch DVD’s). Two captains chairs up front of which the passenger side swivels round to face the rear. Theres is plenty of storage under the bed & in the cupboard & a ideal space for a coolbox / fridge (the one in the pictures is NOT included) The floor is easy to clean vinal.
    The only thing the inside could do with is a lick of paint as the sides/cupboard are still bare wood. Also included in the sale will be a thermal screen which covers the front & side windows for when parked up.

    Think that is all I can think of at the moment so if you have any further questions please give me a call.

    This would be an ideal project for someone over the winter as the van is 90% ready for next summer & only needs a personal touch to finish off the inside.

    I am looking for in the region of £1000 or the very nearest offer. These still sell for £600+ for spares or repairs for just a panel van so no silly offers please.

    contact me either by email on [email protected] or call/text 07903

    More photo’s can be sent if required

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