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    hi all i built this a few years ago let me know what u think also am thinking of building another one so need propper trade prices as am in the motor trade

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  1. great conversion!
    wow nicely done. looks amazing inside. this is what my future van should look like! will probably be my 3rd conversion judging by how neat it looks inside. would you mind sharing with us how much the entire conversion cost, minus the van? something to definately save up for!

    as darren said looking forward to another 🙂

  2. Lovely
    Hi dav3

    Great conversion. Well done. Looking forward to seeing another if you do it 🙂

    1. will do been thinking about
      will do been thinking about it more and more so will sorce a fiat 2.8jtd some time 04 05 model and go from there ill sell it or hire it but only a 2 birth this time as i dont need it iv got an 02 fiat swift 630l plastic rocket thing just like building things totaly mad. all best darren