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    We want to get a small campervan, but have never had one before and would love a bit of advice.

    – Our budget is around £5 – £8k
    – We want it to replace our day to day car, which we don’t use it for commuting, but it gets a fair bit of use, so the camper would ideally be reasonably reliable and not too thirsty.
    – We’re not mechanics and although we’d be willing to give things a try, we probably couldn’t manage a restoration job
    – We want something pretty small

    We’ve narrowed it down to getting either a Mazda Bongo or getting a Nissan NV200 and slowly adding things to make it more of a camper than an MPV. I wondered what peoples thoughts were? Here are the pros and cons we’ve already thought about:

    Mazda Bongo:
    Leisure Battery
    Usually comes with a Pop-Top

    Fuel Efficiency
    Old van, so not reliable

    Nissan NV200 Combi
    Newish car, reliable
    Fuel Efficient
    Cheaper Insurance
    Easier to get parts
    Easier to sell

    Not really a camper
    Could add a pop top, but would cost £2k
    No leisure battery
    No insulation

    Overall we’re keener on getting the NV200, having a bigger car will give us more room to do camping trips and we can sleep in the van if we like. If we find we’re doing lots of camping trips we can add the pop top and a kitchen etc. If not, then we’ve just got a big car (which wouldn’t be a bad thing)

    Just worried that it won’t have the same fun factor as having a Bongo and we won’t end up going on as many trips as we would if we went the whole hog, lived dangerously and just got the Bongo right away.

    What do people think?

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