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    Recently completed a test run in my new camper :). Had no idea where i was going to go for the first night, just knew that i wanted to give WildCamping a go in the new van (nothing like jumping in at the deep end, haha). My reasoning would be that if i made any silly newbie errors at least i’d make them alone without lots of experienced caravanners looking at me (and knowing my luck i’d end up picking one ofthose snobby sites).

    Anyway, we ended up in Ludlow after getting a location from online of a layby overlooking the castle. Ludlow is only an hour from my house so it was ideal incase anything went wrong! But everything was fine, and great fun! What struck me the most as we woke up early in the morning was the sheer peace and quiet. And then the amazing view. It was heavenly. I can’t say i had the best night’s sleep as i was a little nervous since it was my first time, but nevertheless it was great fun.

    The next day we drove down to Minehead, Somerset, which took most of the day since we avoided the motorways and stopped frequently. We were due for a 3 night stay at Butlins which had been booked a long time ago. Neither me nor my daughter particularly wanted to go though as we were falling in love with our camper! I half expected not to be able to get in their carpark and get turned away at the gate, but they waved us through and i saw that lots of other campers were there too. Butlins was OK, hectic and noisy and not really my cup of tea, but my daughter loved it. We spent more time in the camper in the Butlins carpark than we did in our room, sleeping in there too. Probably not strictly allowed but i’d be surprised if anyone even noticed.

    Drove back home the next day after that. Covered more than 500 miles in the past week including driving it home from Bradford, which isn’t the pace i normally like to move around at but it was great fun nevertheless. Very much looking forward to our tour next year now, it can’t come quick enough.

    Been debating whether or not to get rid of my car and use the camper for everyday stuff. Not convinced that it is an option at the moment as the van just can’t go in a lot of places for our everyday stuff, like dropping my daughter off at nursery, but at the same time i don’t want to pay out for the car when we are in the van 24/7 for most of next year. So i think we’ll end up running two vehicles until my daughter finishes nursery in december, then rushing to sell it ASAP so we can escape to our EuroTrip :).

    Well, here are a couple of piccies of our adventure and the van 🙂

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  1. Great to hear you had so much
    Great to hear you had so much fun.
    I use my MWB Sprinter campervan as my only vehicle. It’s a bit tricky sometimes when parking on a road with cars, but generally have no problems. It’s great always having a cup of tea and some clothes with me.