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    Hi there everyone, I’m a newby to this site but wondered if anyone out there has any information about the proposal by Boris Johnson to extend the low emission zone to ban “large vans” from withinn the M25. I have a 1994 Renault Trafic which must have started life as a van before being converted to a campervan. According to Transport For London my camper is a ‘large van’ and therefore from 2012 I will be fined £300 perday if I drive it in the Greater London area. They are impossible to contact for any sensible discussion so wondered if anyone knows if campers will be exempt from this, and if so how do I get my ‘van’ recognised as a campervan?

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  1. I checked out a (1.9 Diesel)
    I checked out a (1.9 Diesel) Sherpa on ebay the other day, and it was not subject to the LEZ fee. I’m guessing your T4 is a 2.5, not the 1.9? It seems that, at the moment, vans under 2000cc are exempt, but watch this space…..

  2. I checked out my VW LT35 on
    I checked out my VW LT35 on the LEZ website and, despite being registered as a camper van, it’s subject to the ban. I’ll go and pollute Cornwall instead

  3. VW Campervan/panelvan
    I too am concerned about this as I will also be charged £100 PER DAY (!) to drive my little VW T4 into the M25 area. It is registered as a panel van despite the fact that it is fitted with rock n roll bed, cooker etc, but as I understand it the DVLA will only accept it as a camper or motorhome if I put windows in the sides!? (Idiots).
    I am not clear however on wether its status as a campervan would help with Bozo’s new charges?
    Can anyone else shed any light? I think ‘motorhomes’ under 2.5 tonne are exempt, but not sure if I am under that. Would guess so…