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    Hello Campers!

    My sweetheart and I took a vacation in a converted Dodge Grand Caravan this summer and were completely smitten with the experience! We’re diving in with a first camper van conversion of our own and this seems like exactly the kind of community that I’m hoping to hook into. I should probably address most of my specifics in the “conversion” topic – and I will – but here’s the general scoop:

    We are looking at car-based vans and, specifically, I’ve narrowed the options to a Ford Transit Connect Wagon (LWB) and the Dodge Grand Caravan that we had a good experience with. We really like the look, height and skylight options of the Ford over the Dodge, but I’m finding it hard to know how comparable the two are in storage and sleeping space. Ideally, we want to have it convert to sleep two people with space for clothing and camping supply storage (cooler, camp stove, foodstuffs, basic cooking, etc.) AND, if possible, I want to convert it in such a way that we can use 1-2 backseats for other passengers when we’re not sleeping in it. Not sure if both those are realistic. The Transit Connect can have all the seats fold into a flat surface, but if I keep seats in, I’ll lose the potential storage area below the bed.

    We don’t need built-in plumbing – will just carry a water container like for tent camping. I do want to fashion a “kitchen” to pull out of the back (a swivel counter-top for a cooking or prep surface).

    We’re in the U.S. and I’m finding that European people and countries seem to have far more good resources – at least online, but hopefully most things can translate to what we can do here.

    Looking forward to “meeting” you all and hearing any advice you have to give! Once I’m a veteran converter, I look forward to returning the favor!


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