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    Hi there,

    We are hoping to get as many people on board as possible, we need your help…

    ….il tell you a bit about our story…..

    We are two great friends Toni and Tash, who had decided to take on a HUGE challenge for two charities. My name is Toni and I am 23 from Bishops Stortford, Herts, and I have a little girl called Ella who will be two at the end of this month. I have just started studying midwifery, and I also run my own business. Tasha is 22 and also has a little girl, Isla-Maye who is nearly one. Tasha also helps run a family business.

    We have taken on the challenge to cycle from John O’Groats to Lands End – the length of mainland Britain, a total of 803.43 miles, well, we hope, on a tandem! Unfortunately I cant say that cycling is a passion of ours. I fell off a bike last summer, into a ditch full of stinging nettles, so this is going to be a massive challenge for us.

    When we spoke about charities we both decided straight away that we wanted to do this for a childrens charity, and also a cervical/breast cancer charity.We have chosen The Pink Foundation – For The Pink Foundation, we will also do the whole ride in a pink bikini! And also a little boy who has Neuroblastoma which is an aggressive form of childrens cancer, he needs treatment in the US and there is currently a lot of fundraising for him so he can go over and get the treatment he needs but it is at a very high cost at $500,000.

    We will start our challenge on the 21st july from John O’Groats, and hopefully if all goes to plan we will complete the challenge on the 7th August all the way down in Lands End! We are also having a lot of people come forward, and also a lot of papers etc who want to follow our story. We need as much help and support and donations as possible.

    The reason for the ad is that we cant phsically do it on our own. We are looking for a lot of people to help us the whole way….and to even follow us on the way down and join us as we go. We want everyone to know about this. But, we need lots of help with this

    We currently are looking for, and not just through this ad, but ive got in contact with everyone. As far as gumtree, to This Morning, to The Sun paper and bike companies, hotels, etc…
    We need:

    A CAMERA MAN lol yes, we are looking for someone, or a team of people to follow us and film this the WHOOOLE way. We contacted loads of production companies, who decided that this wasnt a worthy enough cause, maybe they wouldnt feel the same if it was their son in this position, but either way they decided they didnt want to take part as it would cost them too much.

    We need a REPAIR MAN! to help fix out bikes etc on the way..

    A FIRST AIDER! just in case i break a nail or get run over.

    We need a TANDEM BIKE! Anyone know where we can get one of those from?? Then we also would love to find someone who will spray paint it bright pink with the cancer research bows…

    HOTELS!!! Im onto this at the moment, if anyone knows anyone who would happily put us up for the night, please also get int touch!!!

    We need a camper van/bus/something to get up there in. Originally we were thinking of getting an old bus and spray painting the whole thing to get up there in….We have contacted Megabooth to see if they will assist with this…

    What else do we need… any ideas anyone?!

    To be honest, we need everyone to just support us, reply with advice, anything you can offer to help us… we are training really hard for this, and i dont want it to be a waste of time and effort, im trying so hard to get this off the ground for these charities. Come on lovely people….help us out

    I know it seems like a massive thing to do, but we are taking this really seriously as we desperately want to help this little lad out and want to also make as much awareness for this disease as possible. We are planning on getting a lot more people on board to follow us down and help us along the way…
    Please let us know if you could be of any help!

    Kind regards,

    Toni and Tasha
    [email protected]

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