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    Hi everyone, I’m new to this site and new to vans so would appreciate all the advise you lovelies can give 🙂 I have been wanting to buy a van to convert for a few years now but haven’t found the one…. until now. I am looking at an IVECO Luton van that has already been converted into a theatre and performance venue. There is a whole extension that comes off the side and the potential that jumps at me for theatre ideas and shows is overwhelming!!

    A little about me : I’m a puppeteer/puppetmaker and am hoping to live in a van that I tour around the country putting on shows and running workshops out of the van. So it’s got to be just right.
    At the minute it is perfect for putting on shows and touring, but I also want to live in it as well… which is where I’m unsure.

    I know that the first thing I need to do is insulate it as it is pretty much just the shell and where the extension has been cut in there are a few gaps and issues.

    Does anyone else live in a van and run a creative business out of it?? I am looking for advice on insurance, maintenance as well as general tips on converting it into a liveable space.

    I am thinking to make it into a live in workshop so I can make my puppets in the van wherever I am, and eventually will put on shows. Looking to take it to festivals and fringe events.

    Also mechanically has anyone had problems with IVECOs? It’s got 170k miles on the clock, and hasn’t had any major work done by its current owner of 4 years (the one who converted t and has toured it as a show).
    Should I be worried that it hasn’t had stuff done and I’m gonna get lumped with major mechanical faults?

    I am so excited and nervous about embarking on this new adventure, but am really putting everything I have financially into this. So please do be honest and help me out 😀

    Look forward to hearing from everyone!!



    This sounds like a really exciting project.
    Well done on finding such a great vehicle for your performances.
    The extension looks perfect for your needs.

    As you say, insulating it is very important, and trying to resolve those gaps.

    For insurance I would recommend speaking to one of the campervan specialist brokers, as they cover a range of policies, and will know about the issues with having work related insurance.

    It’s hard to say with mechanicals. I think it’s good that major things havent been done to often, as this suggests the vehicle is reliable.
    Consumables always have to be replaced: brakes, clutch, tyres, etc.

    If you can find a trustworthy garage to give it a check over before your trip, they will tell you what genuinely needs replacing or checking before leaving.

    I’ve done 40,000 miles in 6 years in a Sprinter. Had a couple of tyres, and nothing else. Now I need a new clutch, but that’s all in 6 years. Hopefully you’ll have the same.
    IVECOS are generally reliable.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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