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    Greetings. Can any body please give me some advice on what insulation I can use on my Fiat Ducato van? Also the best way to fix it to the walls & roof?

    I’m considering normal loft insulation in the roof & thermal foil in the walls. does that sound daft?

    Many thanks the man who is to DIY what Amy Winehouse is to durg rehab!!!

    Reguards Richard

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  1. oops sorry! meant to be new
    oops sorry! meant to be new post. doh! apologies throttles.

  2. interior trim & insurance & tax
    hello, i’ve just bought a t5 van with a view to turning it into a camper van. q1 is can i do the interior trim (moulded carpet type material up the sides and roof & around windows and doors) myself? i had hoped to get it done but the only place i can find is busy until sep.

    if i can do myself where do i look for supplies & how do you do the nice looking moulded bits?

    q2. when does a camper van become a camper van (and not just a van) for insurance & tax purposes.

    be VERY grateful for any repsonses.

    thank you.



  3. Insulation

    Foil backed foam, ‘Celotex’, ‘Kingspan’ or similar gives greater insulation for the thickness. Would recommend it for walls and roof to give best possible insulation! To get round the curves juse score and bend it.

    Allsorts also touched on a very valid point, insulation can trap condensation and dampness. If possible keep an air gap between the insulation and the inside of the bodywork, I used plastic spacers on my first LDV conversion which worked fine. For fixing I used Gripfill on the face of it but did lots of prep first.

    1) I fixed timber battens to the ‘ribs’ of the van first so I had created a slightly bigger cavity to insulate
    2) I had all my lining material precut ready to fit
    3) I put the plastic spacers behind the insulation by pushing them into the soft rear face of the insulation, making sure they still had a little way to go before they were pushed fully home
    4) I put Gripfill on the face of the insulation then pushed the lining material against it before screwing the whole lot fully home. This way the lining material pushes everything else fully home ensuring contact between lining and insulation

    Hope this helps

    1. Plastic spacers
      Hi, what did you use for plastic spacers, and what dimesions were they, please?

  4. Hi,
    I used normal insulation


    I used normal insulation when I was doing my van.But remember you will need ventilation in the van aswell through vents.B&Q are doing 3 rolls at the moment for £9.00 I’d stick with this.The side walls I just used sellotape/string to hold it in place.As for the roof it would all depend I suppose what you are fixing to it.If its ply it might be easier to fix the insulation to the ply first.

    I didn’t line mine with plastic sheeting after I had insulated as I’ve found if the insulation does get wet for whatever reason your van could rust from the inside out.