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    Hi everyone, not got camper, just doing a alot of browsing on the web at the mo. So this will probably be the first of many questions!
    More than likely go down the panel van conversion route, so just looking at van makes at the mo.
    Can anyone tell me how hi a Merc Vito and VW T5/T4 high top are?
    Are they low enough to get into normal car parks?
    Thanks in advance folks

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  1. They are both rare in the

    They are both rare in the high-top.  Normally a plastic roof that gets fitted to the existing roof.

    Depends on the car park, but generally no, they won’t fit well.  It’s when you drive up and down the ramps, the clearance gets too tight.

    Search for some brochures online, they will have the measurements.  If you find them perhaps you’ll post back here?

    Here are van dimensions that I recently recorded from brochures online.  No high-tops though.


    VanExterior LengthExterior WidthExterior HeightInterior LengthInterior WidthInterior Height
    Fiat Scudo (new style)

    Toyota HiAce PV471518001955255516501420
    Mercedes Vito466018801890230016301277
    Mercedes Sprinter50031922
    VW T4470721751940248516201415
    VW T4 LWB517021751940288516201415
    VW T5489019041969235316921410
    VW T5 LWB529019041969275316921410