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    I’m thinking of building my own camper, does anyone have any idea how cheaply this can be done after the van has been bought?

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  1. germany, windows….. and the rest
    hello, i am just about to buy myself my second van, but this time do it up myself as my old merc is too old reaLLY to keep pumping money into. I m sure its not that hard, but things like windows seem to puzzle me, how do you put a window in a van? where do you get the window? Is there a place which sells old campervan furniture, a scrapyard or so? Also, how easy is it to buy in germany? I know its complicated if your french getting all the papers takes months. but being british is it easier? And if you dont speak any german? Another thing is are vans really cheaper than here over there? Maybe you dont have all the answers, sorry to bombard with questions, cheers,

  2. prices of campervans in germany
    Hi,I come across your site a few days ago, and think it is super to find a site that shows as much enthusiasm for vans and it`s related lifestyles. I spend much of my time in Germany. Two years back I bought my first van here. This is a 24year old transit, one family owned from new and serviced by a proffesional car machanic( family friend),since new.The van is pretty much a standard off the peg, high-top; with all the gear; such as awning, bike-rack, gas central heating, 50ltre internal water,fridge etc; and all the many connection options, 240main,leasure battery and under-van gas tank. Although a few spots of rust and a few bodged body repairs, the family had treated the van extreamly well; adding a few touches that sited the three of them on the annual four week trip to some lake in Italy to muck about on a speed boat.Anyhow, the van had a new German style MOT, good for two years and a wad exchanged hands. Im sure that vans are considerably cheaper in Germany than elsewhere. I forked-out 2,600 euro`s for a van that I use as everyday transport and takes me to Gibralta whithout a hickup. I replaced the original dreaded Ford starter(a small hammer came with the van, so one could smack the starter if it failed..)and also the alternator to make sure the leasure battery got a good feed while bimbling along( I dont push the old lass above 120kph!)So maybe any of your visiters, looking for something similar, could check- out Germany. I`ll be back to this site often, keep the wheels rolling,Nigbo.

  3. Used vehicles are much more
    Used vehicles are much more expensive in Spain and Portugal than in the UK or France. This is because most vehicles in Spain and Portugal are bought on credit and driven for a long time, so there are few used vehicles changing hands. So UK is general better place to buy. English is not well spoken in Spain, but is in Portugal.

    But you need to consider the ferry costs of getting a vehicle to and from the UK. Cheapest option is about £60: Norfolk Lines Dover to Dunkerque.

    A cheap camper will cost £1,000 in the UK, but it will need some regular maintenance and TLC for the trip. £3,000 buys a more reliable vehicle. VW are collectible and more expensive. Old VW’s are to be avoided in your situation. Fiat, Mercedes and Ford (check for rust though) are good options for camper vans. Try seeing vehicles that people have converted themselves. They are often very good and great value.

    Camping in Europe can be cheap. A rough estimate per day is £10 for a campsite (£0 if you free camp), £6 for food and then add fuel costs on top.

    Don’t forget insurance costs.

    Have fun

  4. summer trip
    hey im thinkin of buying a camper and traveling arround europe for 6 weeks in the summer.Wheres best to buy a campervan in the uk or europe?im lookin for 1 that sleeps 2 ppl.Anyone know aprox how much of a buget i would need for the whole trip including buying the van

  5. Hi Chris You should build
    Hi Chris You should build the camper van to your budget, not the other way around. If you are looking to spend months living in your van, perhaps with a family, then you’ll need a bigger budget. But, if you just want somewhere to sleep and eat on fishing trips you don’t need to spend much at all. If you give some details about what you are thinking of doing people will help. Cheers Darren