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    we are purchasing a vw camper next year t4/t5, is it safe to buy off ebay,or would it be safer to buy from a registered dealer ?,also do we but a converted van or buy a van to convert ? any help would be appreciated.
    what is the standard voltage for electric hook ups for a vw camper


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  1. lwb vw t4/t5… 2 adults
    lwb vw t4/t5… 2 adults sleep in my vans roof no probs….

  2. van and two teenagers
    anyone got advice for campervan novice? I am looking for a campervan for occasional long weekends ( wife and myself)and a couple of annual long trips with my wife and two teenage children. One is a lanky 5’10”.
    So question. Are there any vans around that children could comfortably sleep up top in? Must be others who have had similar and I don’t want to buy an over the cab monster. Thanks. Steve.

  3. Hi
    Buying from eBay can be


    Buying from eBay can be fine. But you must be careful, just like buying from anyone. Check out this guide:

    If you have the time and skills to do a conversion then do it! You wil save money and have a van to suits your needs. But it takes a long time.
    If you need a campervan right away then buy it already converted.

    Electric hook ups are 240 volts, just like a house.