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    I’ve been trying to work out how to insure my campervan when i sell my house etc and travel around Europe for a few years. So far it looks like i have to pretend that i still have a uk address i.e. a parents address. I’d rather pay for say a 3 year deal that covers me anywhere in the EU. Other wise my parents would have to forward my post to random locations at random times. Does anyone have any ideas?

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  1. I think the key things arw

    I think the key things arw

    1. Find a friend or family member who are happy to let you use their address. Preferably someone you visit fairly regularly.
    2. Register your vehicle at their address
    3. Insure your vehicle at that address
    4. Ensure you insurance allows you to live in your van, full time. There are policies that allow this.

    This should ensure you are suitably covered.

  2. Suz Big Wagon............................................... April 15, 2012 at 10:16 pm

    insurance claim
    this IS an interesting thread as i too am about to become ONFA. My thoughts on your query re insurance company paying out is i imagine a definate ‘no’. in my experience they only have to sniff a get-out-clause and you’re stuffed. Grrrrrrrrr

    Hey-ho, good to live an interesting life though!


  3. twinwebber16001972 February 20, 2012 at 3:22 am

    wow , difficult one , i use a family”s address 4 my ins. (prob. illegal) could not get an Ins. Co. to quote me anything less than EYEWATERING AMOUNT ensure if your plan comes together all your DOCS have same address on them >police can be so picky !!!

  4. Try putting “accommodation
    Try putting “accommodation address” into Google, may throw up something suitable.

    1. many thanks
      many thanks, there are lots of companies offering accommodation address services for forwarding mail, however if you where to put one of those on youre drivers license/insurance im not sure it would be legal as they require a residential address.
      but obviously as i wont have a residential address i will be officially considered to have no fixed abode.
      i wonder if you used a mailing address service for insurance and they found out when it came to making a claim they wouldnt pay up.
      there are a lot of people out there living in vans so either there is a way around this or everyone is ilegal.
      as gypsies are a racial minority does this mean they are being discriminated against by the dvla and insurance companies?

  5. driving license
    i am also thinking of selling up and going travelling for a few years. my first concern however is what address do i put on my drivers license, i dont have any family that i can use and wonder if this can be done legaly? if anyone has any ideas i would be very gratefull.

  6. Do what many folk do who move
    Do what many folk do who move to Spain etc. Especially if they are claiming uncle tom cobley off the pancrack, and use a UK address and bank acct.
    It’s no different to those who stay here for 6 months and abroad for 6 months. UK address is the best way to go.

  7. I am in a similar position.
    I am in a similar position. I spend my time travelling and working.
    I use my parents address for all of my correspondance.
    This is technically my UK address. So I am not misleading anyone.
    When I return to the UK my parents address is my base, but not always the place i stay all of the time.
    My vehicle is registered there with the DVLA. It is also insured at that address.
    This as far as I know is perfectly fine.
    My dad opens all of my mail, so I do not have to have it sent anywhere else.
    He scans and emails anything important to me.

    My van insurance allows me to live in my van 365 days a year, anywhere in Europe.

  8. Hi,
    Did you get an answer

    Did you get an answer to this query? I’ve just hit the same problem – was thinking of using a relative’s address for insurance purposes but wasn’t sure if this was fradulent?


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