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    Hi all !
    Me and my girlfriend are seriously thinking about living in a van.
    We are from Croatia, but we moved in Germany before almost 2 years.
    We always wanted to travel the world and see places, and just feel the adventures.
    We are planing to start to save money from this new 2018. year, so we can afford us van.
    We’re just sick of paying way too much money for rent every month.. And waking up at the same place, going to work all day every day.. having feeling that time and life is just going and we’re not even enjoying in life anymore. And just being in that routine you know. Over and over again.
    We are looking forward to new life ! Real life.
    We’re so happy to be part of this blog now.
    Every information, advice are welcome of course. And it would be great to meet someone who already lives in van in Germany so we can know a few things cuz Germany will be our first country.
    Thank you all ! 😚


    I think that you’ll find that this will be one of the most rewarding decisions you have ever made! While I don’t know a whole lot about traveling in Germany, I do know the feeling of the open road and having all you need there with you, free to move and have fun!

    Best wishes!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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