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    Hi guys, this is my first post, so yes I’m a total newbie. I’ve just bought myself a converted transit van. I’m currently living in a shared rented house, and I’ve had enough of the landlords, and the guys i live with! I’m giving myself until Christmas and then I’m jumping in head first and I’m going to live in my new camper, i can’t wait! So, I’m going to be looking for places i can park/live that aren’t too far from my work. Ideally i would like to pitch at an open-all-year campsite, so i have some form of base. It just depends how much they are would for a long term pitch? as one of the reasons for me doing this is because my rent is extortionate for what i get in the house, so i would like some spare cash to get away and explore on a regular basis. anyway, staying on target, if anybody knows of any SAFE places that i can park up for free, or any campsites that do good deals for long term pitches, any information would be much appreciated.
    thanks in advance. Happy camping guys!!

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