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    All the usual: 2 double beds, stove, oven, fridge, shower, wardrobe, massive cupboard space, comfy lounge. But it’s a bit of a tardis — despite the comfort and space, it’s as short as a car.
    Key Point! :
    this means you can drive it as casually as a car, and even reverse-park it more easily than a car in car-sized spaces (better mirrors) — even in busy cities. (eg, I’ve reverse-parked on the streets in the city centres of Oslo, Trondheim, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, Hamburg, London)

    1 of 13 of this type built by Foster & Day: renowned handbuilt Yorkshire quality and design on rock-solid VW base.

    Inspection: it’s in a commuter town on the main trainline SW of London, an easy walk from the station.
    Reluctant sale — e.g., photo taken in Norway during an extended drive right round the Baltic Sea, with most of it spent in the wilderness (Harwich, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Karelia, Estonia (the most beautiful girls in the world), Latvia (a close 2nd), Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark, and closed the loop at Esbjerg/Harwich again). A mate of mine who does them up on the side jumped at it, reckoned he could get £12+k for it easy with a couple of weekends of his magic, but his funding partner went AWOL for a while and returned with _2_ others without telling him, so he can’t take it till they’re sorted&sold.
    SO. it’s back on the market.

    Price very negotiable for a quick sale — christmas is a-coming!

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