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    Hi we have just bought a Citroen Relay which has been converted to a motorhome/ campervan, it has electric hook up but no leisure battery, does anyone know if it is likely to be difficult/ expensive to fit one?

    It also has some 12v lighting and a 12v pull out fridge which I assume just works on the normal van battery?

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  1. The lights should work of the
    The lights should work of the 240 volt hook up also. Sometimes there are separate 240 volt lights, sometime there is 12v transformer that powers the lights when on mains hookup.
    I would suggest getting a leisure batter. Your van should have all of the fittings for one, and you should be able to just fit it. It helps when parked up between campsites and won’t drain your engine battery.

  2. Thanks for the help we have
    Thanks for the help we have just picked the campervan up today its a Parados conversion although I can’t find to much about this online. Anyway it has 12v lighting and a coolerbox fridge which works on 12v and has a transformer next to it for 240 on a mains hookup. The microwave works on the hook up and it has 6 240 sockets with a fuse box under the sink unit. I just wanted to know it all seems a professional install so should the lights be working from the hook up and no longer draining the battery when we connect it ? It doesn’t seem worth getting a leisure battery really as we will spend all our time on sites with a hook up really just want peace of mind I’m not going to wake up with a flat battery lol.

  3. hi fitting a leasure battery
    hi fitting a leasure battery is quite simple really once you decide where you want to have it fitted and I would personnely fit a split chargeing relay to keep it charged whilst engine running, or you can fit a charger unit connected to mains, remember to use wire that is capable of carrying current. Remember that the battery also has to be earthed to vehicle chassi aswell.