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    Hi All,
    Just wanted to say that the two of us (you will need two pairs of hands at some points) managed to successfully fit our Fiamma F45s awning to the Vivaro LWB. After many hours of deliberating and researching it was established the F45s 260 – or “T5” was what we needed. After hours (literally) at Camperlands (thanks for the time and effort from them) in Manchester measuring and re-measuring we deduced that we should be able to fit the awning and “Privacy Room” in a watertight manner. The problem is the Vivaro cab doors are ‘full height’ – they are flush to the top of the van – so the awning has to be set back behind the cab door. This gives ‘just’ enough space for the side panels to be fitted in such a way as to prevent rain ingress at the front edge of the sliding door.

    This was my first play with Rivnuts – and after installing a couple of them in a set of aluminium ladders to test out everything – they went in fine. This was also the first time I have drilled a hole in the skin of the van…and that went better than expected..but to be was either sit there for ever or drill the hole..and I had measured everything more than 3 times. Maybe more importantly the two of us ‘offered up’ the awning with brackets attached to the van and marked out the drilling holes on the pre-placed masking tape.

    I had the number of a guy who would fit it for a reasonable price …but he would only drill the holes where he was asked..or according to the specification in the Fiamma guide. Due the issue with the front doors and fitting the privacy room (described above) the standard Fiamma guidelines weren’t quite appropriate – we had to move the whole thing forward a little. So literally the only thing left was to drill the holes as marked out. This was perhaps the easiest piece of it all…assuming some experience with a drill.

    I have a few rivnuts left and I think I will look at using them to secure the ply to the van sides / roof…I’ll let you know how that goes over summer.

    The awning is, on first testing …just excellent.

    We have had two holidays in our van (in Wales and Scotland) and have used a tent to supplement the van for about 3 nights out of 14. We felt we had been a bit lucky in that the weather was excellent (a whole week in Scotland and NO RAIN). If there had been some typical Scottish summer weather the van might have got a little difficult to manage. We hope the awning will provide a intermediate area to keep rain / water out of the van sleeping area and allow us to set-up outside quickly using just the wind out canopy or add the extra walls to keep out the elements when needed.

    If you got his far..thanks for reading.

    The moral is. If I can do this…anyone can!

    All the Best

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