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    Hi, I’ve found a lovely little Bedford Rascal Danbury Conversion Campervan – 970cc. It’s done around 50,000 miles. Comes with 11 months MOT, FSH, original receipt of purchase from new. The whole thing’s been striped and done up inside. Looks lovely. Selling for £1200. Do you know how this would drive? I’ve never driven one. I wonder whether it’s like driving a lawn mower? Do you think a vehicle like this would be happy driving down to Spain?? Thanks so much for the advice! Kate

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  1. Fun but…

    Spent years driving a Rascal for work.

    Good points…

    Easy to park,
    Fun! (or funny?)
    Spacious for its size,


    Early vans had a brake problem which meant when they were running light, if you had to stamp on the brakes in an emergency the back end of the van would LEAP to the right and lock up. Scary but once it’s happened couple of times you get used to it! Bedford did release a fix for this but I’m not sure if vehicles were recalled for it.

    Early vans had points and condensor ignition system made by Nippon Denso which needed adjustment very frequently. (Like once a week!) Later vans were electronic ignition.

    Can rust badly around front suspension tops. Also door sills . Have heard of early ones rusting their chassis at rear spring hangers too.

    The above is my experience of driving one daily for 3 years and 17 years experience in motor trade around the 80’s and 90’s.