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    We have picked up our first campervan, a 1985 c reg talbpt autosleeper, having looked at the 240v inlet hookup, i notice it is a female coupling,coming out the van

    I know it may sound daft but we are new to this

    can anyone please advise as Im sure having looked at other vans it should be a male coupling,

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  1. Mains power lead
    If You use Darren’s second suggestion of a lead with 2 male plugs You can then use a regular mains hook up lead with female connection on the “Live” end so there will be no exposed pins to electrocute You. (Thanks for the warning Bighands) This will also save having to alter the wiring on the van.
    The plugs are cheap, see http://www.screwfix.com/p/ced-240v-2-pin-earth-blue-plug/20201
    and you only need a short cable.

    The last lead I made I robbed a couple of feet from an old extension lead (3 core and 13 amp rated)This had a 13 amp household plug one end and a blue female connector the other end for My mains hook up lead to fit in to.
    So I can plug My van in to the household supply when I’m at home, for charging the leisure battery or working on the van.

  2. Dangerous stuff!
    I have seen this before on another conversion and, whilst it is quite possible to adapt stuff to fit, the critical issue is that the potentially exposed terminals could electrocute someone. The “live” socket must be female and the plug must be male to avoid this.

  3. Yes, normally a male coupling
    Yes, normally a male coupling coming out of the van.
    Do you have a hookup lead yet? If not the easiest thing to do is to buy one, and then change the female one to a male one. Then you can use it with your campervan.
    Or you could buy 2 male plugs and put them on a short lead. The plug this between the campervan and your hookup lead.
    Or, just change the female plug on the campervan to a male one, if you have access to it.