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    As a winter project I decided to convert a minibus to a camper. I did a similar conversion, in the same manner, two years ago on a Peugeot Boxer Registration number SJ06 KDF, some two years after your latest directive at that time. I received a camper designation after 3 weeks, so no problems.

    With the present vehicle I waited six weeks for a response, and then received a refusal, because “ externally the vehicle remains as it was originally constructed by the manufacturer” . This begs the question, how did my previous vehicle conversion receive approval when the guidelines on the DVLA website have not altered?
    DVLA are not being helpful by refusing to make any other comment than “the vehicle must be in the spirit of a camper” and “will only be assessed on a case by case basis”. With a six weeks delay I could still be trying at Xmas.
    I have invested £6000 so far in the vehicle; it is insured at £200 along with breakdown cover at £70 and have spent several months over the winter on the conversion. I have spent twenty-five minutes on the telephone to DVLA today talking to Ann who kept repeating “ in the spirit of motor caravan” and said she could not offer any guidance. I explained to Ann that this does not help.

    I have been directed to you by DVLA and hope you can help.

    There is an attachment showing decals that I would use to update the camper and hope you agree that it now externally looks like a camper. If you agree is it possible to contact the DVLA saying that from the department of transport perspective the vehicle does look like a camper and should be re-classified.

    The vehicle is now not a minibus as all the rear seats are removed and the back contains all the items specified to be registered as a motor caravan, neither is it a mini-bus so I am unable to have it MOT’d as it does not fit either category. I am seventy-three years old now and I would like to get some use of out of it! Please could you advise me as to how I can retrieve this situation.

    This whole saga looks like it will run and run, summer will be over soon and I can see no way forward, I do hope that you can help in resolving this issue.

    Regards, Ray Guiver

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