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    Hi everyone! I need a fast sale on my vauxhaul vivaro conversion. It’s got a new recon engine with 12K, new gearbox and clutch, as well as a variety of other bits. Here’s a feature list:

    Hand-crafted rear living area with house-quality insulation in floor, walls and ceiling! Privacy-centred design – single large rear window with 1-way glass.
    Large sofa and extra single seat in rear, converting to double-size bed with comfortable foam mattress.
    Huge storage under bed, between front/rear, in hand-crafted drawers and under the single seat
    Alloy wheels
    Top of the range Hankook winter tyres (I choose winter for all year as they offer better all-year round performance) – 6 months old.
    9inch touch screen headunit. DVD, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, camera hook-up (rear view)[not installed]
    Split-charge relay (leisure battery is continually topped-up so no need to monitor level)
    New Leisure battery
    240v 3-pin stainless steel plug.
    3 switch stainless steel light switch (3 spotlights, LED strip-light and flood-light in back door)
    2 rear 6×9 speakers (one in door for when the weathers nice and you are cooking outside)
    Single seat can be moved outside to hold single hob gas cooker.
    Fusebox to protect all electics

    and a list of the new stuff:

    New recon engine done only 11,660 miles!
    New gearbox
    New clutch
    New fuel pump
    New master cylinder
    New EGR valve
    New MAF sensor
    New timing belt
    New water pump
    New fuel pump
    New turbo

    Images here:

    search vivaro day van on gumtree. BB6 postcode for images.

    07709 544 200

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