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    I am about to buy a Fiat Ducato campervan and want to carry 2 bikes on the back. My initial thought was to get the Fiamma Carrybike 200DJ with Licence Plate holder so that I can use the lower position for the rack to make it easier loading the bikes. However I am now discovering that these offset carry racks have limitations. In particular Fiamma state that they cannot be used to load a storage box instead of bikes and they also state that they are not suitable for bike covers which I find strange. Because of this I am now considering fitting a towbar/Thule rack combination although it seems that even with a tilting rack you will not be able to open the rear doors of the van. The towbar/rack combo will also stick out a fair bit further than the Fiamma option. As a result I think my preference is still the Fiamma rear door mounted rack but wonder if anyone has managed to get around the Fiamma statement that you cannot use bike covers on these offset rails?



    The rear door mounted carrier is easier to live with, as opening the doors is much easier.
    Only a light box can be mounted on these, perhaps 20kgs or less of total weight. Assuming you are not carrying bikes as the same time.
    It never seems a good idea to me to put boxes on these carries though.

    I suspect their disclaimer of not using bike covers is to reduce drag when driving. The drag of a loose/flapping cover will cause additional force on the carrier.
    I suspect you will be fine if you use bike covers, but ensure they are very well tied down to the bikes, to ensure no parts are flapping.




    Many thanks for your reply. Having looked at the issue a bit more I think I will go for a tow bar, mainly due to the fact that we will only use bikes once in a while and now think that the Fiamma rack will obstruct views from the back of the van when we are camped up. My latest query is therefore whether anyone can recommend a towbar type/2 bike rack combination that is easy to use and will tilt way so that we can open the rear doors a little while the bikes are in place. In particular I am concerned that the doors may not clear the towbar itself when the rack is in place? Do all towbar types have the same height of the ground?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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